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"Robert today was so great! Went far beyond my expectations! Everyone is buzzing about it. Thank you so much, let’s connect about keeping the momentum going. We want to leverage what we did - and what we learned - to spread to the larger group. You have motivated and inspired us!" Jennifer Landers, Senior VP-Director of Reputation Management, Grey Advertising


Robert Galinsky is an internationally acclaimed coach, author, and speaker who gets to the heart of: confidence building, focusing messages, developing stage presence, driving performance innovation, and creating unscripted leaders. He is delirious about reality and according to the BBC News, "Galinsky teaches you to open the portfolio of yourself."

Hired consistently for his ability to "keep you interesting, so you keep your audience interested", Robert is an expert outside eye who's coaching enhances conferences, keynote speeches, presentations, pitches, auditions, and panels. Galinsky helps clients exceed their potential, whether they are seasoned professionals, or first time speakers.