The Bench Play   "A slice of life carved from the lower depths. Galinsky brings a wrenching realism to his material." LA Times

TEDxTeen   Head Speaker Coach, MC/Host, Content Development, Wall Street Journal 

Coffee Crazy The Book   "Brilliant book... great timing." Matt Curtis, Director Global Partnerships, TED​

TEDxFultonStreet   Speaker and Delivery Coach, MC/Host, End of Conference Content Mash-Up Performer

​Books On Decks   Books On Decks produces decks of playing cards, printed with excerpts from authors and powerful literature

Literacy for Incarcerated Teens   Facilitator and Workshop Coordinator,Bedford and Bowery LIT

New York Reality TV School   "At a glance, reality television and small businesses have nothing in common. Robert Galinsky, a showbiz veteran with an entrepreneurial soul, is out to prove otherwise." Open Forum American Express

The Fresh Toast   Contributing Editor, Writer