Testimonials and Some Press

"The moral Galinsky conveys: be yourself, to the max, only more so." Malik Keylan, The Wall Street Journal

"Life changing. Really. I don’t say that lightly. Robert sees people’s strengths and helps them be their best selves in front of others. He empowered and enabled me to express what’s inside of me in a way that resonated with the audience and provided the message I wanted to deliver (– more powerfully than I could have ever delivered it on my own). I am so glad I got over the vulnerability it took to make the call to Robert." Dr. Alice Wilder, Co-Creator, Blues Clues, Amazon Kids Original Programming, Cartoon Network Project, Speakaboos

"Robert is a spectacular coach! He's great at drawing out the meaningful essence of a story, putting the speakers at ease, and adding punch to the emotional content. We are very fortunate to have his contributions as part of our team at TEDxFultonStreet — Robert's help has been a major enhancement to our project, and he is personally energetic and a true joy to work with!" Aaron Sylvan Organizer, Founder, TEDxFultonStreet

"Coach to the stars..." Gigi Stone, ABC Nightline News

"I was getting ready to do my first TED talk. In one hour Robert Galinsky turned my scattered thoughts into a clear idea that in turn transformed me into a confident speaker. Roberts comments are articulate, his attitude positive and his energy contagious." Kim Dempster, Commercial Director

"Galinsky teaches you how to open the portfolio of yourself."
 BBC News

"Succeed on Main Street using a Hollywood Boulevard approach." Open Forum American Express

"...your shot at the spotlight."The TODAY Show

"Caring, professionalism, creativity, exuberance and showmanship are center stage and extremely impressive."

Raymond L. Kotcher, CEO/Chairman Ketchum Public Relations

"Highest level production, ultra-entertaining and meaningful." Warren Rosen, President Harmony Insurance Brokerage

"Robert is an enigma... a powerful coaching force and I'm honored to have crossed his path before my nerves got the last of me. I've been on the road to a TEDx talk for nearly three years. My nerves have been absolutely off the rails with anticipation of sharing my "idea worth spreading." I had the pleasure of getting coached by Robert Galinsky. After recently crashing on ABC's Shark Tank, I'd shared my fears with Robert about my nerves on stage. Within one hour, I felt inspired and as if the edge had been removed. He was able to tweak my talk a bit and boost my confidence to move forward in the process. Thanks to him, you'll see the Cheek on stage at TEDxFultonStreet!" Lori Cheek, Founder, CEO, Cheek'd

"Robert helped us build cohesive work teams quickly, new hires became productive contributors faster, and the workplace morale soared. We look forward to our ongoing sessions." Leo Fernekes, Co-Founder/CEO Sensa Cell Incorporated

"You’re destined for the spotlight... prepare for your inevitable 15 minutes of fame with media trainer Robert Galinsky."
Daily Candy

"Galinsky stands out as one of the few professionals in business who can spot talent, work talent and improve upon the talent. He prepares you for that breakthrough moment and is someone to work with!" 

Terry Schnuck, Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, "Spring Awakening" and "HAIR"

"I curate The Museum of Interesting Things, a traveling show, and do presentations all the time. I recently got the call do speak at a TEDx in NYC and felt I may need some help. Robert Galinsky made me feel comfortable and confident about presenting. He has knowledge and experience and understands each person's strong points  and where you can use help. He also has an energy that is infectious and makes you exceed your actual potential. That is the reason I would want him in the wings every time! He is a good wingman when you are discussing the pigeon parachute!" Denny Daniels, Founder, The Museum of Interesting Things

"Unscripted Leadership showed me that presenting is performing, and learning to build the confidence and leveraging the unique qualities who make us who we are, is terrific. I liked that the focus was on us as individuals, and how to make a powerful and memorable presentation that connects with your audience, versus solely focusing on content. I learned that people do business with people not firms- and connecting with people is an important ingredient in building successful relationships."

Lynne H. Johnson, Relationship Management, Thomson Reuters

"I learned more in one session with Robert Galinsky, than I did in weeks of theater class. His style is unique, effective; I don't audition without consulting with him first!" 

Charles Mack, Academy Award Nominee, "August Rush"

"I enjoyed the hands-on, dive right in experience - it helped make the session more meaningful than other presentation classes I've taken in the past. Learning in a less rigid and formulated manner helped me to let my guard down and perform rather than stress about how I looked to everyone else." Anonymous, Grey Advertising

"Now I'll try to bring more energy and general interest in people, aside from the day to day business. I'll also try and get more prepped and pepped before big meetings, create more of a game plan for roles. Just the right amount of improv and life skills to be less afraid of making a fool out of yourself. I would like to see more of these session as it's important for us to remember we are all people trying to get along, and this was a humanizing experience that I find can quickly get forgotten."

Gina Reimann, Senior Product Designer, Red Scout Marketing

"Robert Galinsky exemplifies charismatic leadership." Shirley Zaragoza, Professor of Business Studies, BMCC

"This was a great way to start the week! It was much more fun than any other session I've attended because of how interactive it was. It made me articulate why I chose to do something in a way I had not done before. I really liked the focus on being yourself, which is not often the case in corporate presentations. Finally I liked that I could take the info you gave and apply it to something much smaller like leading a team meeting. Come back!!" 

Nicole Dery, Director, Webhosting Operations, Thomson Reuters

​"I've been on the road to a TEDx talk for nearly three years. My nerves have been absolutely off the rails with anticipation of sharing my "idea worth spreading." I'm finally scheduled for a talk at TEDxFultonStreet next month. In preparation, I had the pleasure of getting coached by Robert Galinsky.  After recently crashing on ABC's Shark Tank, I'd shared my fears with Robert about my nerves on stage.  Within one hour, I felt inspired and as if the edge had been removed. He was able to tweak my talk a bit and boost my confidence to move forward in the process. Robert is an enigma... a powerful coaching force and I'm honored to have crossed his path before my nerves got the last of me. Thanks to him, you'll see the Cheek on stage at TEDx Fulton this coming June 2014." Lori Cheek, Founder/CEO Cheek'd

"It was much more interactive than other sessions I have participated in, which was great, and the hi-light was the role playing." 

Katie Powell, Relationship Manager, Thomson Reuters

"Law firms and tech outfits keep hiring Mr. Galinsky..." The Wall Street Journal

"You taught me that I need to take a step back and really think about how I want to brand myself. Thank you for coming to Grey and teaching us how we can be more affective." Sara Sodine, Intern Grey Advertising, Business Student at the Wharton School of Business at UPenn

"After completing this session, I feel more likely to help my co-workers explore further any wild ideas with encouragement. Exercising the extraverted side is important and uncomfortable but, it will make us better. In regards to my approach to customers, I am more confident that I can engage them with my story. The cooperative exercises helped for client meetings when we have little time to prepare. This session was like salting your mind with pepper!"

Peter Nicholson, Chief Creative Officer, Red Scout Marketing

"The most important takeaway was the feeling of empowerment we got -- the value of our personal and professional message and the right to share it. I will respect my co-worker's voices more, for sure, and encourage them to share their point of view. I will make sure people are heard." 
Jennifer Landers, Reputation Director, Red Scout Marketing

"Your session immediately took me out of my comfort zone and grabbed my attention. I found your methods very different and very effective like getting me in front of the class and improvising. Some key pieces of info that I took from the session were: find a hook, smile, breath, get yourself positive for every meeting. I've attended many leadership and sale seminars and thought yours was the best I've attended in years. Completely different from anything I've experienced and I feel it will help me grow in both my job and personal life. A radically different, refreshing and effective approach to sales and leadership training. Thank you again Robert it was time VERY well spent!" 

Steven O'Brien, Senior Law Firm Client Development Consultant, Thomson Reuters 

"Robert taught me to be confident, authentic and know my story. Great lessons like: Speak from the first person more! And try to be more playful in my presentations and be a bit bolder about being myself and presenting my opinions. He’s a great, positive, and inclusive teacher. I left the feeling terrific about myself and the work I put in."
Anonymous, Grey Advertising
 "I thought our session together was great. Like most people I had a few pre-conceived notions about what was going to be discussed/happen. I thought the session was very well organized and I realized a lot of things along the way that I don't think were necessarily about my work life, but for me the messages/lessons translated into one another perfectly. The session reminded me to shake it up." 
Jason Punches/Designer, Red Scout Marketing

"I attended the session today and I loved it.  I gained a lot of good information and it was really enjoyable.  I wish more people from my team could have attended because I think it would also be a great team building exercise. We end up on more conference calls in my group than anything, but I think the curriculum could be applied. Thanks for organizing this great event…" 

Anonymous, Senior Application Support Engineer, Thomson Reuters 

"The dancing-type movement at the beginning is probably the most embarrassing thing I have done in any training but it is what I need to do in front of people to better myself as a public speaker, trainer, presenter, etc. From surviving that moment, the physical activities, I figured I could make it through the rest OK. The enthusiasm of the presenters was a hi-light of the session and the seminar could have been longer. I learned to have a "just do it" attitude and keep smiling while doing it. Thank you for coming up to Boston!!" Michael Monteiga, Service Manager/Tech Support, Thomson Reuters 

"This training allowed everyone to participate and the leaders made me feel comfortable even though I was very shy. The most effective portion of the seminar was when we broke off into groups. This allowed us to get to know new people and work together as a team. The handouts I felt were most important because i can always refer to them when needed." 

Jessica Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant, Thomson Reuters 

"First of all... Robert Galinsky... you ROCK!!! I left that room feeling empowered and proud! When I was speaking about myself I realized just how far I have come in my life; breaking down barriers and overcoming fears by just saying yes and having faith in myself. I wasted much of my life wishing that I was someone else; now... I only want to be me; that smart, funny, loving and creative person that I've always been. This was the most interactive session that I have ever participated in and was also the most informative & entertaining... The "commercial" that we had to create seemed like an impossible task and ended up to be a blast; I CAN do anything if I put my mind to it! Also... you managed to take a room full of reluctant employees from a huge company and actually made us "colleagues" in the true sense of the word! A key piece of information I found most important and relevant, first and foremost was the "YES" factor; when you believe in yourself and are positive, many doors will open for you. Also... the tips, tactics and especially the commandments triggered a couple of "ah ha" moments for me and also brought back memories of times when I took the opposite approach and failed. I was truly engaged at all times and would recommend this seminar to anyone and I just want to say thank you to Robert, Samantha and Phillip; it was truly a blast!" 

Toni Taverna, Executive Assistant Corporate Communication Services, Thomson Reuters 

"I’ve experienced many sales, leadership, type exercises and seminars over the years and I thought today’s session was outstanding.  It was completely different than any program I’ve attended. They grabbed your attention and kept everyone engaged throughout the morning.  It definitely had an impact and I feel it will help me do a better job. Well worth the time!” 

Anonymous, Senior Marketing Consultant, FindLaw, Thomson Reuters 

"You brought the actor's perspective, which I really enjoyed. Equating a presentation to a performance is an interesting angle and gave me a lot to think about. I found the participant introductions (our introductions) and the post-mortem analysis of what stood out and why, was most effective. It got everyone talking, and the staff insights were interesting. Tactics like choosing the three key pieces of information to focus on in a presentation... this is a great tip. Using the "I" when speaking... It is simple, but the more I think about it very powerful. Don't apologize. It actually is a pet peeve of mine ... yet I hear myself do it from time to time. The skits at the end of session were great fun, and terrific bonding." 

Andrew Freedman, Director, Product Management, Thomson Reuters 

"What made this so different then other sessions were the physical activities and going beyond comfort zones. The team presentations at the end of the session were very effective because we had to put what we learned into practice. The ability to be creative. To observe differences in creativity between teams, etc. Also new information like: saying YES, presentations NEED prep and practice, psyching up before a presentation to go into it with a positive mindset. Overall it was definitely a fun, interactive course. Would be great to have a longer session." 

Aida Maher, Head, Global Event Content, Thomson Reuters