Coaching Programs & Services

Ask about having Robert fully customize a program for your specific objectives, needs, or theme. His services can be retained for recurring coaching, one time coaching, for individuals or groups, and each program Robert offers can be booked as a keynote speech as well.

  • Online Coaching - no matter where you are in the world, 24/7 access 
  • Conference Coaching - pre-conference and/or on-site coaching and confidence building
  • Speech and Presentation Coaching - customized one on one coaching for keynotes, panels & pitches
  • Unscripted Leadership - quick thinking and trust your instincts, with or without a script
  • Coaching Over Coffee  - an entertaining approach utilizing the book Coffee CrazyCoffee the Musical​​

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Speech and Presentation Coaching

Each session is designed around your exact needs and begin with a short and effective evaluation of your content (if you have any to start with), who the audience you will be speaking to is, and the setting of your speech or presentation. Do you want to improve an existing speech and make it a breakthrough experience? Are you starting from scratch with a new speech? The work consists of tapping into the emotional content in your speech, personalizing it, dealing with blocking and staging, props, wardrobe, memorization technique, and the “who are you talking to” aspect of your speech. You can come to Robert with a pre-existing piece you'd like to improve or Robert can offer support in the writing, editing, and developing of a new presentation. Whatever your place you're at with it, he'll sharpen your existing skills, discover new attributes you never knew you had, tailor the presentation to your strengths, and give you a renewed sense of confidence and inspiration. 

"Robert taught me to be authentic, confident, and to know my story. Great lessons like: Speak from the first person more! And try to be more playful in my presentations and be a bit bolder about being myself and presenting my opinions. He’s a great, positive, and inclusive teacher. I left the feeling terrific about myself and the work I put in." Anonymous, Grey Advertising

TEDx and Conference  Coaching Pre-Conference and/or On-Site

Robert is on retainer with TEDxTeen and TEDxFultonStreet and has coached for TEDxClemsonUniversity and TEDxYouth. He can be hired by conference organizers to service multi-speakers on the conference roster, or hired by individuals speakers for: keynotes, panels, and pitches. He is a master at giving you the tools you need to get your point across to all kinds of audiences, and with a vitality that is pulled directly from your personality. He is available to be on location at your conference to coach you up to the moment you step to the microphone and also will provide you with the support you may need throughout the conference. Because... coaching for a presentation doesn't always STOP when the conference STARTS. 

"My nerves have been absolutely off the rails with anticipation of sharing my idea at my upcoming TEDx Talk. I had the pleasure of getting coached by Galinsky. After crashing on ABC's Shark Tank, I shared my fears with Robert about my nerves. Within one hour, I felt inspired and the edge removed. He was able to tweak my talk a bit and boost my confidence to move forward in the process. Robert is an enigma... a powerful coaching force and I'm honored to have crossed his path before my nerves got the last of me." Lori Cheek, Founder/CEO Cheek'd

Coaching Over Coffee

Robert Galinsky recently published his first book, Coffee Crazy 140 "Aha!" Coffee Moments from the Conference Room to the Cafe to the Kitchen and is also developing the musical Coffee The Musical. The titles and concepts at this link COACHING OVER COFFEE are based on the book and musical and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your event and audiences. Ask about having Robert fully customize a program for your specific objectives or theme. AND don't forget to ask him to bring in an assortment of great coffees too!

"Beans over Broadway... exciting stuff!" Oliver Strand, The New York Times

Online Coaching

Talking to the media, sitting on a panel, or making a presentation gives you the potential to activate your message out to a broader audience. Whether it’s TV, radio, blogs, print media, or live appearances there are specific ways to package your story so you are not another lackluster voice, so you can have an impact, be memorable, and be a source reporters will want to come back to. We no longer live in a world with a specific news cycle, media never rests, doesn't sleep, so you must be ready to effectively tell the story of your brand - at all times. With online coaching Robert Galinsky utilizes real time practice sessions to help you: structure your story, identify and focus anecdotes to support it, hi-light compelling facts that audiences will respond to, and package them for all mediums. Robert will help you become a speaker who is: confident, clear, strong, and enthusiastic especially when dealing with the sometimes intrusive “lights, camera, action, social media”. Online Coaching sessions are all encompassing work sessions that help you communicate your message whether you're leading a meeting, on a podcast, talking to the New York Times, or on Bloomberg TV. 

"Law firms and tech outfits keep hiring Mr. Galinsky." Anne Kadet, Metro Money, The Wall Street Journal



Unscripted Leadership 

“Unscripted Leadership” looks at the qualities that drive our successes and hi-lights and enhances your ability to be in the moment with your audience, better connect with your listeners, and create camaraderie with attendees. Through original interactive exercises and debriefs, Robert focuses and energizes you to understand the essentials of successful improvisation, so your talk and interactions are refreshing, exciting, so you maintain higher energy levels, and you cause your audience to reflect on and activate your content.

"Unscripted Leadership showed me that presenting is performing, and learning to build the confidence and leveraging the unique qualities who make us who we are, is terrific. I liked that the focus was on us as individuals, and how to make a powerful and memorable presentation that connects with your audience, versus solely focusing on content. I learned that people do business with people not firms- and connecting with people is an important ingredient in building successful relationships." Lynne H. Johnson, Relationship Management, Thomson Reuters