Auditions & Acting That Rock! Galinsky's hallmark acting class.It's a once a month class where Robert Galinsky shows you how to walk into the audition or ANY performance supremely confident, well rehearsed, and with directorial options prepped and at your access. Do you know the result oriented audition techniques that will get you noticed, remembered, booked, and called back? No matter where you are with your work, your career, no matter what stage – everyone benefits from specific direction from a director with experience & expertise - Robert Galinsky provides this every month.

BOOK YOUR PLACE IN ROBERT'S CLASS NOW! SIMPLY CLICK THE PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW (you do not need to have a PAYPAL account to use this) NEXT CLASSES: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13th 7pm-9pm & SUNDAY DECEMBER 17TH 11AM-1PM NYC location - $39.00 or book before 12/8/17 and pay only $29.00!  Space is limited to12 actors per session

  • Each class begins with warm-ups and improvisations that free the body, voice and mind
  • Material is reviewed to best suit each actor and to allow each actor grow beyond their potential
  • We then ABC:
    • Analyze the type of production, producers involved, and the casting agency facilitating the auditions you are going to and we develop an organic approach to the audition
    • Breakdown and 'tag' the text for specific moments, beats, and blocking opportunities
    • Create "A-B-C" interpretation options
  • Prime the courage, confidence and power of your work so that you walk out energized, eager and excited to 'Rock Your Audition'! AND SO YOU GET BOOKED!
  • As an added gift, by taking this class you will get complimentary tickets to The Manhattan Monologue Slam! Voted Backstage Magazine's #1 Actor Showcase!

​​*Any further questions please email Galinsky below

Auditions & Acting That Rock

"Galinsky stands out as one of the few professionals in show business who prepares actors for that breakthrough career moment... he is someone to work with!" Terry Schnuck, Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, "Beautiful", "Spring Awakening" "HAIR"

"I learned more in one session with Robert Galinsky, than I did in weeks of theater class. His style is unique, effective; I don't approach an audition without consulting with him first!" Charles Mack, Academy Award Nominee, "August Rush"

"As good as you are, he will push to make you better." Charmaine Reedy, Star of "Barry White Saved My Life"